If you’ve decided to pick up this book, then I hope you’re ready. Ready for what you say? Ready to have your life filled with inspiration and adventure? This book is a memoir that was sparked by a heart attack and a ten year – long treasure hunt, but it’s also the guidebook for my treasure hunt – created especially for the heart strong You’ll encounter a rollercoaster of emotions, just as I’ve + experienced in the course of my life. I hope you’ll overcome each challenge and solve each riddle in this book, as you l need to do in your own life. My stories may give you some insight, but the real answers will come within as they did for me. It’s always better to have someone to turn to or to share your trials and tribulations with along the way, too – which I did not have during my younger years. In this book, you’ll also be hearing stories from my wife, Julie, who has been there for me in every possible way over the last 12 years. As you read through, you’ll find that she’s filled in the gaps and details I may have forgotten. You have to be headstrong to find a well-hidden treasure, but two heads are always better than one. I wish anyone the best of luck who decides to take that chance in life and enjoy it too.