This book is a memoir/treasure Hunt created by Cris Dotson. You’ll find his wife Julie has a few things to say along the way too. Cris has been inspired over the years by several different people and things but, more especially by Forrest Fenn and his hunt. We hope you enjoy, learn and find the adventure of a lifetime within these pages and beyond.

Cris and Julie Dotson are the authors of The Hope Chest And this is why they think you should buy the book.

About The Author

This is a 5 State Treasure Hunt that starts out at $50,000 and only goes up from there as the adventure continues. Cris Dotson has created a series of stories that will move you in more directions than you could ever imagine. His wife Julie is right there helping you understand some of those stories and telling you her point of view from some of those experiences too. Cris is also a master of disguise and an artist that will give you your moneys worth and more than 1000 words a picture with over 100 illustrations for your eyes to feast on. Cris has also partnered with the same cartographers that brought you the Forrest Fenn map to bring you yet another beautiful layout of land and water. It’ll take a strong heart, mind and time to get through this just as it did the Dotson’s. We wish you luck.  

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Wigglewow is sponsoring the 2nd Tag in The Hope Chest Hunt.  The first 10 searchers to find the second tag and successfully confirm their find with Cris will receive a $100 Credit Card, 2 Wigglewow blue bags of treats autographed by our Epic Chefs and 4 packages of our decorated treats. To find out more about Wigglewow and our mission to provide careers for adults with special needs go to  https://wigglewow.com

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Another armchair treasure hunt has hit the market – The Hope Chest by Cris and Julie Dotson. It holds a prize currently at $50,000 cash! Inspired by The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn, searchers need to understand a poem to locate a hidden tag. Clues scattered in the text of the book will help a searcher. Unlike The Thrill of the Chase, however, where there was only one poem and one location to discover, in The Hope Chest there are five eventual poems you will need to solve – Read more…